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Today I decided to catch up with one of our feed specialist, Randy Sanders, and ask some common questions I hear from customers when I suggest having him visit their farm. At Caldwells we want you to buy the best products for your situation and farm and we supply the resources to make sure you are doing just that!

Could you tell us some about yourself?

I started selling feed in 1979 as a farm consultant for Conway Feed & Supply. I worked for 3 years calling on Beef, Horse & Dairy Prospects in Faulkner & Perry Counties. I then took a District Manager Position with Thibault Milling Company in Little Rock working Pulaski, Faulkner, Lonoke, Conway, Perry, Cleburne & van Buren Counties. I worked with Dealers, and made farm calls to all specie groups. After 5 years I went to work as Manager of Morrilton Feed, managing the store and making farm calls on all specie groups with a focus on Dairy & Beef. I then went to work for Purina as a Dairy / Beef Agent handling Sales, Trucking & Service. After the closing of the Purina Plant in Russellville I went to work as a Dairy / Beef Specialist for Purina Mills. I spent the next 4 years being Certified and Trained as a Horse, Beef, Dairy, Show, Family Livestock, Retail Specialist to become a District Manager / Account Manger covering half of Arkansas, 3 Counties in Ok & 4 Counties in Mo.

Is there a farm too small for you to visit?

No if u have a need that we can help you with I will do my best with the help of Henry Caldwell & the Caldwell Group to find a solution .

What do you typically do while on a farm call?

Each Farm call is different. Depending on your situation and need, sometimes I need to see your animals, facilities, pastures, your present feeding program and ask other questions that will help with a recommendation or answer to your question.

What times are the best time to schedule a farm visit?

Monday thru Friday if possible. But sometimes I might have to find another time that will work for a Customer if we need to help with a need or situation.

Can you make recommendations over the phone without visiting a farm?

Yes & No. Sometimes we can make a recommendation based on information collected just by listening & asking questions. Other times you must see the things that Customers are seeing as well as the things they are not seeing to make the right recommendation.

Randy is here to help all our current and prospective customers. If you would like to contact him you can call him at 501-454-8189 or email at He would love to talk with you and come visit your farm to give some recommendations.

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