Can you afford not to Creep Feed?

With Cattle Prices at an all time high creep feeding will pay off more than it ever has. This is good news for farmers who have had a few rough years.

Even putting aside the financial benefits, creep feeding benefits your whole herd.

1) It will reduce stress at weaning for your calves. It is simple really, if a calf is already on feed when weaned they will fill up their bellies and not miss mama as much. Plus there is the added benefit of already having a bunk broke calf.

2) There have been several studies done that indicate marbling is better on calves that have been creep fed.

3) Your cows will be in better shape going into winter. Cattle in better condition will need less feed to maintain condition during the winter months when you are paying for their feed source.

Visit your local Caldwell feed store and check out our great selection of creep feeds.

Click this link to see a flyer about some feed options.

Flyer updated 8-27-2014

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